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“A Cosmic Surgery” – A raw recovery story offering hope, humor, and triumph over alcoholism. A life-changing read!



Alcohol abuse continues to be a prevalent issue in the United States, and traditional approaches like the 12-step program may not always lead to long-term sobriety. That’s where “A Cosmic Surgery” comes in. Jose offers an alternative approach, providing readers with a new and inspiring way of living, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds. Through his candid storytelling, Jose reminds us that there is always hope and light, no matter how dark the journey may seem. His story serves as a beacon of possibility, showing that there is a path to sobriety, even when it appears impossible. Whether you’re personally struggling with alcoholism or have a loved one who is, “A Cosmic Surgery” offers a fresh perspective and the potential for life-changing transformation. Jose’s words remind us that recovery is possible, and that there is always a chance for a brighter future. “A Cosmic Surgery” is one man’s personal, raw, and inspirational recovery story. Jose Torres shares the intimate details of his journey of overcoming alcohol abuse and achieving the life he has always wanted. Like any good recovery journey, Jose details each page with the dark humor, heartbreak, defeat, and triumph that are inevitable in any story of Alcohol Use Disorder. Alcohol abuse in the United States continues to rise. To make matters worse, the 12-step approach, for whatever reason, does not always get the job done for long term sobriety. If you or any of your loved ones find it difficult to overcome alcoholism through traditional methods, then Jose’s story might just change your life Learn a new and inspiring way of living through his life-changing and potentially life-saving book. There is always hope and there is always light, no matter how dark it seems Jose’s story reminds us that there is a path to sobriety… even if it seems impossible.

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Ethan 5.0 out of 5 stars Worth the read!

As a fellow veteran and having met Jose personally, this book resonated with me. It talks about the reality of what life can entail. Reading it feels like having a conversation with the author, you don’t get lost in letters on a page, instead you follow a journey and hear it first hand. This book and the author himself are great resources for mental health, and the path to betterment. Not only for veterans but everyday people who struggle with real world issues. Much respect and love.

Justin Dive In!

This book is raw, creative, and a deep look into multiple layers of abuse and how trauma can psychologically , spiritually, and physically effect you. I am so grateful that Jose shares his journey so openly. Giving permission to the readers and audiences to come to be strong enough to face your pain, accept it, and come out the other side! Much love to you Jose. Thank you.

Chaz Inspirational and Honest Story of Addiction

I just finished reading “ A Cosmic Journey” by Jose Torres. He tells the story of his addiction and long recovery with a voice that is honest and straight to the point. He wastes no time or energy on blame, self pity, or excuses, but instead focuses on what happened, why it happened, and how he ultimately conquered his demons. I found it a compelling story and didn’t want to put it down until the final page. I highly recommend this inspirational book to those who want a better understanding of addiction, and to those seeking a healing pathway toward life change.

Sophia Michails Surprising. Inspiring. Impressive.

I’m not an addict but having read this book…I feel I was allowed to be a fly on the wall…experiencing all of life’s injustices, surprises and blessings along with the author. The raw honesty and engaging writing style pulls you in and holds you…first by intriguing your mind and then grabbing your heart.. you’re rooting for Jose all the while. It’s a relatable life story told swiftly, with pain, charm and humor. What an impressive journey. Impossible to put down.

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