Cosmic Mist | Room & Body Spray


Ideal for Relieving Anxiety, Smudging, Room Fragrance and Body Spray.


Introducing our Cosmic Mist Room & Body Spray – the ultimate multi-purpose spray for all your needs. Whether you’re looking to relieve anxiety, smudge your space, add a delightful fragrance to your room, or refresh your body, this spray does it all.

Each bottle contains 2 fl. oz. of pure magic, carefully crafted in the USA. The sleek matte black bottle adds a touch of elegance to any setting, making it a perfect addition to your daily routine or a thoughtful gift for someone special.

Our Cosmic Mist is infused with the enchanting scents of Sweet Tobacco, Palo Santo, Basil, and a proprietary blend of fragrances. The aromatic blend creates a captivating ambiance that will transport you to a world of tranquility and bliss.

Treat yourself to the Cosmic Mist Room & Body Spray today and elevate your senses to new heights.

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